Standard Services Offered by The Online Marketer

Helping you to grow your business
  • Sales Funnel Creation

    R650.00 ZAR + R12,000.00 ZAR Setup Fee One Time
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    • Create Sales Funnel
      Research Best Keywords

      Create Sign Up Form
      Create Landing Page
      Copywriting Landing Page
      Create Thank You page
      Create 2000 word lead magnet
      Create email nurturing sequence
      Program CRM to add lead scoring
      Create automated deals in CRM
      Install analytics to track progress

      Monthly reporting and tracking

      Let's Connect your Community.
  • Establish a Google My Business profile

    R0.00 ZAR + R1,500.00 ZAR Setup Fee One Time
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    • The Google Algorithm is a highly complex and ever changing thing.

      Take advantage of searches for physical business (local search).
      with a Google My Business Profile

      We offer a service to setup your Google my Business Profile.

      1. Create or update your Google "My business Profile"
      2. Add images and content
      3. Add a Google Map to your website to show where your business is.
      4. Link your profile to your Wordpress Website.
      5. Install Specialised SEO plugin on your Website.
      6. Program the Plugin for Local Search

  • Monthly Marketing Pack - Basic

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    • Monthly to
Included With Every Plan
  • Discounted courses offered to clients
  • Mentorship programs offered